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Generation Atomic (USA): Greenwash, propaganda and nuclear power


Generation Atomic: Nuclear Power - Propaganda and Greenwash

Generation Atomic, Nuclear Pride, new NPPs & Propaganda
A few years after the devastating nuclear accidents of Fukushima and Tschernobyl, which both resulted in extremely high numbers of casualties, the international nuclear lobby decided to shun the limelight for a little while. But apparently it takes more than just two global disasters to bring them down for good. The global nuclear society, the old and powerful networks between enterprises, lobbyists and nuclear parties are still very much in tact. Even though renewable energies are on the rise in the western world, and many outdated nuclear power plants are going offline, dictatorships and economically weak countries continue to establish new nuclear power plants. That is one of the reasons why new NPP’s are promoted so massively in 2018. The nuclear power plant operators make a big effort to try and win over the wary public after Fukushima and Tschernobyl. Consequently cunning campaigns are run and used to cover up facts, to spread half-truths and to boast.

Generation Atomic und Nuclear Pride Coalition and their new enforcement strategies
The only thing that has changed over the years are the propaganda and enforcement strategies that are being utilized. In former times, conflicts revolving around nuclear energy, protection of the environment and climate were argued out between environmentalists and opposing enterprises. Unfortunately the environmentalist movement today still thinks and acts upon outdated ways of thinking and conflict patterns. Nowadays those conflicts are being ‘outsourced’. It is alarming how all over Germany organisations of the nuclear and coal corporate groups, foundations and faked citizen initiatives like ‘Nuclear pride’ and “Mothers for Nuclear” are supporting the usage of nuclear power plants and coal power stations while fighting environmentally friendly renewable energies.

The usage of nuclear energy in old NPP’s is a danger to human life and environment. Uranium mining, uranium enrichment and the production of fuel elements have devastating effects on the environment, cause illnesses and even lead to death. Furthermore Nuclear Power Plants emit cancerous nuclear radiation while in standart operation. Disasters like a nuclear accident or terror attack are possible at any time and therefore the life and health of hundreds of thousands of people is under constant threat. Huge areas of landmass would be inhabitable for several human generations. Powerful nuclear groups have a big undemocratic influence on politics and their attempts at greenwashing and propaganda are very effective. Groups like “Falken am Kühlturm des AKW Leibstadt” and “Energy for Humanity” are being used to distract from the danger a NPP poses. Fact is that the nuclear waste we produce and bury today will continue to emit dangerous levels of radiation for millions of years and could potentially threaten the lifes of future generations.

Nuclear Pride Coalition: Greenwash und Propaganda 2019

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  • Nuclear Pride Coalition
  • Sauvons le Climat (SLC, Save the climate, France)
  • Saving Our Planet (France, UK, Norway, Turkey)
  • Voix du Nucléaire (Voices of nuclear energy, France)

  • Ren Energi Oplysning (REO, Information platform pure Energy, Denmark)
  • Saving Our Planet (France, UK, Norway, Turkey)
  • Stichting Ecomodernisme (Modern ecological society, Netherlands)
  • Stichting Thorium MSR (Thorium-MSR-Society, Netherlands)
  • Suomen Ekomodernistit ry (Modern ecological society Finland)

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